Our approach to local and global challenges
comes from dedicated years of local and global experience.


we design data-driven methodologies

Office:MG is committed to continuously developing interdisciplinary and critical approaches to data science. We specialize in methodologies from data collection and analysis to decision-support and communications, working with communities and organizations to find effective responses to the hardest questions.

to build human-centered strategies

Data alone can never provide the insight offered by a sympathetic understanding of the data's context and purpose: human systems, structures, and organization. Whether comprehensive planning for rapid urbanization or rebuilding financial infrastructures post-conflict, our approach keeps the human question at its center.

for self-determined growth

Sustainable development cannot be prescribed as the sole cure to economic or other afflictions; what works in one community is not always the answer elsewhere. We work directly with communities, stakeholders, and leaders to design development initiatives which include the interests of pluralistic communities and the unique systems in which they operate.

in our most complex environments.

21st-Century complexity requires work at strategic and tactical scales and leveraging wide-ranging, interrelated skills and disciplines. With a deeply felt appreciation for connected networks, we partner on projects where significant impact can result from even the most delicate interventions in complex urbanisms and conflict-affected areas.


areas of focus