We develop technology-enabled collection methods, to implement strategic political & economic visions, in the world's most complex environments. 

As of 2017, Office:MG is closed for business. Our talented team has gone on to roles in government, academia, and technology. 

Our cofounders can still be reached at DG@officemg.com or LM@officemg.com for the near future. Please contact us anytime to learn about our work with Office:MG or related work today. 



our work


Office:MG is a strategy design firm focused on methodology, intelligence, and strategic challenges in complex situations. 

We implement action in a difficult world.

We understand crisis—economic, social, environmental, and political—as rooted in the confluence of networked forces. We instigate meaningful change as the result of thorough systems-based approaches. Our goal: make complexity uncomplicated, not simplified. 

We created our Data Collection and Intelligence capabilities to understand and react to complex human systems, including conflict zones, urban environments, non-state actors, frontier economies, and illicit networks. 

Our Political Advisory and Special Project work focuses on conflict, reconstruction, and economic empowerment.

our focus


Data Collection and Intelligence

Our Special Projects Division design and implements field ready development, intelligence, and political initiatives internationally


Political Strategy and Communications 



Private Sector Growth

Our proprietary technology, analytical capabilities, and systems intelligence approach underpins our work

our team

We are thinkers and doers, committed to interdisciplinary collaborationworking in the office, on the ground, at the table, and in the field. 

Our team comprises curious thinkers with diverse backgrounds ranging from art and design to data science and investment banking. Office:MG was founded by Leah Meisterlin and Davey Gibian. 

We regularly build special teams around specific questions, projects, and challenges. If you're interested in joining us, please get in touch at office@officemg.com.


Local action. Global reach.

Find our offices in New York, London, and Washington, DC.